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By Dale P.
Grand Marais, MN
I love them!
April 23, 2023
This is my first pair of cleat type accessories and I love them. After looking at various types, I finally had to get something this winter and these seemed to be what I needed-I was right, they're easy to put on and off and keep me very stable on the ice which is usually on a slope where I live.
By Rachel
Akeley, MN
Good traction
April 2, 2023
Overall very satisfied with these cleats. Prettier easy to get on and off. They grip the ice well and make walking much more safe. Occasionally one of them will twist a little as I walk, but still keep me on my feet.
By Lady D.
Rochester Minnesota
Nice cleats!
February 2, 2023
Work well on snow and ice but tend to work their around the side of my boot
By Cynthia A.
January 31, 2023
I do a lot of walking in the winter and these are a Godsend. I fell once a few years ago wearing a different style and ended up chipping a bone due to the tendon snapping so hard during the fall. I got rid of those and wear these exclusively. When the spikes wear down the button spikes are just popped out and replaced with new ones.These are very easy on and off. I did purchase extra cleat buttons as I walk a lot during winter
  • Feel very safe in these
By robert b.
Happy with Cleats
March 3, 2022
the cleats work well on ice.
By Judy
Boston, MA
Action Traction Ice Cleats for Shoes
May 24, 2021
Summer is here and Traction Ice Cleats are not an item needed at this time but they came up now on The Warming Store, a perfect time to buy ahead. Several months ago, my son stepped out of his truck onto a sheet of black ice. The fall ended up in a severe tear to the muscles and tendons in his shoulder. Followed by surgery, 6 months in a sling, followed by physical therapy as well as being off work for an extended period of time. He now has his Traction Ice Cleats to prevent any future black ice hazards. I have used these for years on icy walkways going to work and back in MA. Some schools in MA supplies their bus drivers with these to help prevent falls on their job. This style of Ice Cleats is easy to put on and take off, fits well, is strong and Great price for a positive protective solution. It is mentioned in the reviews, that caution should be taken if walking on smooth floors and surfaces. I agree. Definitely Recommend.
By Lana F.
Chicago, IL
Ice Cleats
March 17, 2021
Weather got very warm so I did not have a chance to try them.
  • Small and compact and can fit in my purse.
By Dot
Good ice cleats
December 2, 2020
Well made but wish there was a cleat at the back of the heel. They are easy on & off. Had to return because they were too small so be sure of the correct size before ordering.
By Henry N.
North Dakota
Definitely recommended
May 28, 2019
Snow and ice are a constant companion in North Dakota so these clears are very handy (or footy).
By Shelley
Bradley, Maine
Wrong sizing!!
February 11, 2019
This is how the sizing is listed: Medium: Men 7-10.5 / Women 5-10 Large: Men 11-12.5 / Women 10.5+ X-Large: Men 13+ Does anyone agree that the sizing listed wrong. Since a man's foot is larger, his sizes compared to a woman's sizes would be SMALLER. such as a man's 7 would be a woman's 8 or 8.5. So the medium size listed as men 7 -10.5 compared to a woman's 5-10 are incorrect! A 7 to 10 in men's would equal at 8 to 11 in woman's. (approximately).. Right??
  • None
  • Sizes listed incorrectly.
By Harry
Ice cleats for shoes
April 25, 2018
This was a reorder - the cleats worked well; however, XL is an extremely tight fit on Sorels or other snow boots. I believe the cleats would last a bit longer if more size choices were available.
  • Saved from falling a dozen times, better than cable-type traction aids.
  • studs sometimes come adrift, could use more sizes
By Zona
Ice cleats
March 24, 2018
I ordered 2 pair and they are good quality. I wish I had ordered a size larger because they seem to run small for my shoes.
By Darlene
Sensible winter wear--great price!
March 22, 2018
the traction ice cleats are a must in the winter months. these cleats are great for the icy weather we have in IA
  • easy to get on and off---great price
  • delayed shipping because of weather in the east
By Brenda
Philadelphia PA
Gets on easily; stays on.
February 1, 2018
the Action Traction system was sent to me in error after I ordered something else. I kept them in my office for several months until a snowy/icy day when I decided to try them. Now I have given one pair away and ordered myself another pair and recommended Action Traction to a few friends
  • Easy to put unto shoes or boots, and they stay on securely.
  • I did order some replacement disks, but I don't see directions tor applying them,
  • They will slip on extremely hard smooth surfaces; don't trot across a marble floor.
By Deb
New York
January 10, 2018
Arrived within days. Work great. Bought these for my daughter. Keeps her safe in bad weather. Great fit to her shoes. She has MS so I was worried about her falling. I had bought her a less expensive pair from another store and they broke, these a so much more sturdy.
By Jo
March 15, 2017
With such a mild winter it's taken some time to write a review but thanks to a March Nor'easter I finally got to test out these cleats and they work wonderfully. The fit on quickly over my boots and provide a bit of confidence walking on icy streets and sidewalks. I would definitely recommend to others.
  • Easy to put on
  • Provides stability on icy surfaces
By Eric G.
Washington, D.C.
traction ice cleats
February 1, 2017
These cleats work very well. Easy to put on and take off.
By Vickie
Love my new Ice Cleats
January 31, 2017
It's so nice to have eight (8) cleats compared to my two on my previous solution.
By Daniel
Closter, NJ
Prevent Falling on the Ice
January 25, 2017
Everyone should have a pair of these on hand for times when it's icy outside. They will prevent you from falling on ice and snow. Be careful though that you don't scratch up some types of flooring...
  • Good Safety item to have on hand when you need it.
  • Might scratch some floors. Take off when inside.
By larry d.
Bloomington, MN
great item too own
January 25, 2017
They are great for the ice storms we have here in Minnesota. You can walk on ice and not fall on your Ass every other step. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!
  • But wish I could change them for a size bigger.
By dave
work great
January 19, 2017
These traction cleats work great on icy roads. We are in wis and we recently had a few days of freezing rain which made the roads very slick. Putting on these cleats made walking easy. They stay on my shoes without slipping off. We walk our dogs on the road about 3 miles a day.
  • They grip the road
  • They stay on your shoes
  • They are comfortable when walking on dry pavement
  • The studs tend to wear out. You can get about 30 miles on them
  • walking on pavement with icy patchs before they need replacement
By Simon
Baltimore md
Great cleats
January 19, 2017
Saved me from slipping on the ice.
By Darien
Durham, New Hampshire
Well worth $14.99
January 18, 2017
These ice cleats work just great. Here in NH ice is part of winter. These get me safely outside for walking. I also have a similar pair of $60 ice cleats. These are not quite as good but close enough. These grip the sides and over the toe a little less securely but not a problem. Size was true to description. I wear a woman's size 9 and bought size medium. My boots have an extra large sole so my more expensive pair is large for them and these for my shoes. I'll wear my more expensive ones for outdoor hiking up hills and small mountains. If I'd known about these first, I'd bought two pair of these and saved money.
By Kathleen
January 14, 2017
I've had these Action Tractions for a month or so in this very icy and snowy winter (my first experience in this type of weather) and they live up to every claim on the website. I feel secure and comfortable walking down my icy driveway to the mailbox, etc. Great traction. They're sturdy and fit easily over my shoes. Once on I have no fear that they will come off. Easy on, easy off. I bought 2 pair: one for the house and one to keep in my glove compartment of car (just in case). I normally wear a women's shoe size 8-1/2 and the size medium fit perfectly.
By William
Portland, Oregon
Sure Traction
January 14, 2017
Great walking right by people without traction on their shoes. I'm walking at a normal pace while they baby-step along.
  • Not falling on my bottom!
  • None
By julie p.
Washington (WA)
action traction ice cleats
January 13, 2017
Amazing, they let me clear my driveway and walk where I needed to without even slipping . We had the worse snow/ice storm in 10 years, in Camas wa. Thanks for making such a reliable product ! I've told several people about you and your great products ! Julie Poulsen
By Jean
Cleats for Ice
January 13, 2017
Fits my husbands shoes and also can fit his wife's shoes. That nice, we can both use at different times.
By Kari
North Dakota
Easy to use
January 7, 2017
These spikes are by far the easiest to put on. They work very well to keep you from sliding on slick surfaces. Thick bands keep them on your feet.
  • Easy to put on. Stay put on your boots.
  • Seem to run large. I used XL for woman's size 12 and I think a size L would have worked better.
By Chyrel
Collinsville, Il
action traction ice cleats or shoes
January 3, 2017
I think they'll work well to be on the driveway that goes downhill...we've had ice, but the cleats hadn't arrived, yet.
By Angie
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Walk On Ice Safely!!
December 28, 2016
My husband has a set of these and has had them ready to use when the need arises. We usually get a lot more ice than snow so I usually borrowed his if he wasn't using them. I finally asked for my own set and my husband ordered these for me! They are very well built, slip easily over my shoes or boots and give me that extra security when it is needed the most. No ice here yet but when it does come I will be ready. As a Nurse I am out and about in all types of weather so these are added to my comfort and safety kit in my vehicle. The cleats are sturdy and in the perfect place to avoid slips. It's one of those MUST HAVE accessories that are hopefully not needed but are there in case they ever are! I would highly recommend getting a pair for each member of the family and the price is unbeatable! It was shipped in a very timely manner (3 days from order to my door). I haven't used my set yet but my past experience with ice makes me look forward to using them when the time comes. What more can I say, they are a fantastic item to have JUST IN CASE!
  • Viable rubber design with easy on easy off tab, steel cleats that feel sturdy and I'm sure will grip the ice, Fantastic price, portable so they can be stored anywhere for that unexpected moment, low maintenance! The perfect gift for anyone, child to adult...
  • Absolutely none that I can find!
By Sharon
Spokane, WA
Wonderful Product
December 11, 2016
I ordered these in November and couldn't use them unitl yesterday, 12/10. They are amazing!!! They totally prevented me from sliding down my walkway. When I went out into the snow I wasn't sure that they would prevent me from slipping so I tested out the walkway before walking down it. Needless to say I didn't slip at all, it was like walking on dry, clear cement. I have a couple of friends that will be buying them to. You can't beat quality made and at an economical price.
  • Quality made
  • Economical price
  • Easy to put on your shoes
  • The prevent you from slipping and falling
  • Non that I can think of
By Jim
Elverson, PA
Bone saver
October 27, 2016
Grips the ice and prevents slipping on inclines and other slippery winter surfaces. A great product for those concerned about slips and falls on ice resulting in breaks and bruises that can be avoided this winter. I buy them for myself and my son who has a sharply inclined drive to clear of snow.
  • Affordable and adaptable to various shoe styles.
  • They seem a bit tight to fit shoes at the larger end of the recommended sizes. Once I get them on a pair of shoes for outdoor use, I leave them on all winter. They can be slippery on polished concrete surfaces like a garage floor so be mindful of what you are walking on.
By Emmit B.
Salem, NJ
Actually Works!
February 24, 2016
ordered these so that I can get to and from my car when working and to and from my greenhouse on my land. I put these on pretty easy and they did the trick. No more bruises or sprained ankles for me this year. Couldnt be more happier!
  • stretchy
  • easy on and off
  • hard to clean
By Judy S.
Pittsburg, PA
These are a LIFE SAVER!!
February 24, 2016
The feeling of walking on ice without slipping is just indescribable!!!! Action traction cleats really works.
By Lisa
Black ice no longer a problem!
February 23, 2016
I take my dog on walks, hikes, runs, basically everywhere I go he goes. During ice season this becomes a big challenge. Living in the city black ice is the WORST. But these cleats really fixed that issue. comfortable wear, easy to slip on and now more randomly slipping on the side walk. I started using these even if there was a change of ice out. The only issue I've had with them is the small size was not small enough for my shoe size so they do not fit as snuggly as I'd like and there was a little movement in them because of this but not enough to cause an issue.
  • great price point
  • comfortable
  • durable
  • and pack-able!
  • the smaller size was not quite small enough for my 6.5 shoe size.
By Kathy
Best I Have Tried
October 28, 2015
I first bought some cleats for my mom a few years back and they were good but hard to get on her shoes. I really wanted her to have a new pair so I got some of these for the family and they go on easy. So far so good!
  • easy to put on

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