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By PamR
Bella Vista
Short time
February 8, 2023
Disappointed with these. Takes 6 batteries and only warms for 3-4 hours. That’s a lot of batteries if you’re wearing them for awhile.
By K J.
Washington State
Socks work!
February 27, 2021
These socks are wonderful!
By Colleen
Love these socks!
February 25, 2021
Many years ago I frostnipped my toes and have had trouble keeping them warm in cold weather. I have tried layering socks and boots of various thicknesses and materials with some success. But these battery powered warming socks have solved the problem. I can now go for hikes, snowshoeing, or just being outdoors in the coldest weather. You can switch off the socks for a while and then turn them on when you start getting cold. I would recommend having an extra set of rechargeable batteries handy, as it drains them after a few hours. Well worth the money so I can enjoy winter in the north!
  • Quick delivery, keeps your toes warm, socks are comfortable to wear. Helps me to enjoy winter.
  • Uses batteries up in a few hours, but just buy rechargeable batteries and keep an extra set in your pocket if you plan to be out all day.
By Tony Z.
My daughter liked them
January 20, 2021
My daughter is working from home right now and her office is drafty. She sits at a computer reviewing medical claims and her feet get cold. Until now! The only thing that would make these better would be rechargeable batteries.
  • They work.
  • Need to replace the batteries every day
By Anonymous
New York
December 5, 2020
Have not worn outside yet, but they do heat up! I noted that they work better with the “copper Top” batteries than generics. Anxious to see how they will work in the Alaska weather.
  • Long, knee high, streamlined wires
By Michael
Seem well made
December 4, 2020
The socks seem well constructed. Store shipped them out quickly. I have Raynauds so unlike the gloves I got from warming store these maybe perfect for those not effected by this disease. They only heat the toe area, I could use a little more heat. Normal people this may be perfect. The box they came in clearly say toe area only. So why only 3 stars? Because if people are like me they look at the reviews that don’t have 5 stars. These could be perfect for most people but I don’t know that for sure. They keep my toes warmer and I don’t get pain. However I do get some discoloring in my toes. The socks go up the calf battery pack sits on calf. I don’t have a problem with that some may.
  • Uses aa batteries not the crappie rechargeable batteries! You can be out change batteries without taking off boats!
  • Toe area heats not rest of foot.
By Bobby
venture gear
October 31, 2020
For three seasons work fine. Took from the storage bag and the temp control buttons quit working. Had to order an out side remote. You have to pay a lot of money for this gear, should last at least 10 yrs. I've never had to wash just run a damp rag over to get the dust off. A real disappointment. I would recommend this suit to anyone, just be prepared when the button controls quit working.
By Bob
October 29, 2020
I like wearing rubber boots to hunt in and with these socks i can wear them on colder days because these socks do keep my feet warm
  • Work great
  • None
By Betty
I like these socks
October 20, 2020
These socks keep my feet nice and warm. Infrared heating is really a bonus for me!
By Albert
Great socks but wish batteries lasted a little longer
May 30, 2020
Great for cold motorcycle rides but wish they lasted a little longer after as well.
By Ralph
Easy comfort
May 30, 2020
These socks got very hot which I love. I only have to replace batteries very sparingly.
By Sean
Good electric socks
May 29, 2020
I love using these and I hope they will last me a few years. You can put these in your washer in a wash bag which is easy. I bought a huge case of batteries in Walmart when I bought these so I never have to think about it again
By Ann C
A must have for raynauds
May 29, 2020
If you suffer from raynauds, these socks are a must have. They are relatively cheap, and keep your toes warm where ever you go, or don't go.
By Christian T
Great for the price
May 29, 2020
I read most of the other reviews, and I have to say that these perform great for the price. If you pay $40 for a pair of heated socks and expect the performance of $150 dollar socks, then the problem is with the buyer, not with the socks. You get a great deal on these for $40
By Robert K
Okay for socks
May 27, 2020
They do heat up, but you need to keep buying batteries. Get the rechargeable socks if you need to wear these socks alot.
By Charlie
Batteries are hard to get out.
May 27, 2020
The batteries are difficult to get out of the box when you need to change them out. I found I neeed a knife to pry out the first one and once that one was out, the rest came out easier. socks themselves are nice
By Ian 
Great for bike rides
May 26, 2020
These socks are incredibly warm to wear during bike rides outside. I like them!
By Adam 
Great socks!
May 26, 2020
Incredibly comfortable socks! They're easy to watch as well.
By Greyson 
Nice quality, but not what I needed
May 26, 2020
I got these socks thinking that they would warm up to high temperatures, but don't heat up as high as I need them to.
By Jack 
Bulky battery pack
May 26, 2020
The battery pack is a little too bulky for my liking. At least socks keep my feet warm.
By Dominic 
Worth trying!
May 26, 2020
I didn't want to deal with the hassle of recharging the batteries, so I picked these socks. It's a lot easier for me to buy a pack of AA batteries when I need them. They do a good job keeing my feet warm.
By Nicholas 
Warm, cozy feet
May 26, 2020
I wanted to try using battery heated socks, but I didn't feel okay with using lithium batteries so I gave these a shot. They work well, but I don't want to keep replacing AA batteries after every full use.
By Denise R
Heat as promised
May 22, 2020
Socks heat up fast. make sure you have a lot of AA batteries on hand.
By Roger
easy to use
May 21, 2020
Easy to use and turn on and off. Heat is concentrated at the toes.
By Carol
Bike socks
May 18, 2020
good for my bike rides. I appreciate the choice in cotton.
By Jed
Good socks
May 18, 2020
I like these sock, they keep my toes warm in my drafty house. I keep them on low so the batteries last longer.
By Gianna P
Good socks
May 15, 2020
I use these with my rechargeable lithium batteries that last a long time so the battery life is not a concern for me. I love the heat and they are very soft and comfortable
By Elizabeth D
Needs more heat
May 15, 2020
The heat patch is only on one side of the socks. If it were on both sides, i would give these socks one more star.
By Anderson
Solid socks
May 15, 2020
I give these socks a solid 3 stars. the fit is okay and the heat they put out is a bit weak but I can certainly feel it inside my boots. Good solid heated socks at a terrific price.
By Mikaylah
Good bang for the buck
May 15, 2020
I've never had a heated sock before so for this price, it was a nice entry point. Keeps my cold toes warm. Thank you!
By Ellen
gift socks
May 15, 2020
I got these as a gift and the gift -giver got me the wrong size. Took a bit of back and forth to get the right size. Otherwise, I'm happy.
By bob
good heat output
May 15, 2020
Socks are okay. I like the amount of heat they put off but i wish it heated the entire length of the foot. Minor complaint, though.
By Connor H
Great price
May 14, 2020
Almost can't believe how cheap these are. Money very well spent
By Ana
Good house socks
May 8, 2020
I keep the heat down in my house so my feet get cold. These socks help me keep warm. Just a little heat is all I need and they pull all the way up to my knees.
By emily
Great gloves, easy return
May 7, 2020
Good gloves, I had a little issue with the first pair, but the returns process was very easy and fast. Would definitely recommend
By jake
Cotton socks rock
May 7, 2020
What's up what's up! I love cotton socks and heated cotton socks rock.
By Sonya C
Great for outdoors
May 6, 2020
I am a hunter and I love using these. I always keep some extra AA batteries with me so they can last all day.
By Ryan L
Great stocking stuffer
May 6, 2020
I know socks are not the best holiday gift, but i don't think heated socks count!
By Gino S
I don't even notice the batteries
May 6, 2020
Surprisingly, the batteries are less noticeable on my calf than I thought.
By Ian T.
Very good basic heated socks
May 6, 2020
Very user friendly, you just need to buy AA batteries.
By Jackie
Don't need the battery to keep warm
May 6, 2020
I got these as a birthday gift. I don't like how the battery pack feels so I wear them as regular socks and they are fine that way. Very well made.
By john Sweten
Little tight
May 5, 2020
i think I do too many leg days--these are a tight fit on my big calves. I have to leave them slouched down, but they do heat my feet really nice.
By Alicia
Great gift
May 4, 2020
If you don't know what gift to get somebody, these are a great and inexpensive option
By Gabrielle
English Rose
May 4, 2020
I live in Great Britain and my feet are always cold, so my mom bought me these socks and sent them to me for my birthday. I've got princess feet and can't stand wool, so I got the cotton ones. Very nice socks but the aa batteries last only so long and then you have to buy more batteries. but the socks work even without the batteries as nice knee high warm socks. I can't even feel the heating panel or the wires, so that a plus. the only negative is that i have to keep buying batteries. they are really expensive here!
By Abe
May 4, 2020
these socks fit my big feet but the battery case is kinda uncomfortable and i got real tire of buying aa batteries. they do heat up nice, so i'm gonna buy the 3volt socks so i can just recharge the batteries and save more money in the long run.
By George A
eats batteries
May 4, 2020
Here's a hint--don't bother with regular AA batteries. Buy some rechargeable AA batteries and you won't regret it. Keeps my toes warm so I'm happy. Don't like wool, so really happy that i could find heated sock in cotton! At this price, i might buy another pair.
By Mike s.
Saved my trip
May 1, 2020
Bought these last minute before my hunting weekend and by the end my buddies were logging on to order their own pairs lol
By Gus
Works as intended
May 1, 2020
Heat works very well. Have to change the batteries a bit too much though.
By jason
May 1, 2020
Who knew you could use AA batteries to keep your feet warm
By Martin
Wildly beautiful
March 24, 2020
These socks are wildly beautiful. They fit my size perfectly, and they are comfortable.

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