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By Patricia
So far, I feel safe using these traction aids
December 29, 2021
I purchased a pair of the Ice Traction Aids to replace my Yak Traks. So far, they feel secure while walking on slippery sidewalks. The jury is out on how long they will last as I'm wondering how long it will take for the spikes to dull down and no longer be effective. Easy to pull on over my hiking boots and looks like they won't slip off like Yak Traks tend to do.
  • Easy to put on over shoes/boots.
By Anonymous
Taos, NM
Great ice & snow cleats
January 27, 2021
HIghly recommend them. I live in an area wth weekly snows, which then melt and turn to ice on our walkways & roads. So I keep these on my boots for great traction. --> Order a size larger than your shoe size to make it easier to put them on. For ex, I wear a women's 7 1/2 boot, & bought the medium. If you order too small, they more difficult to 'install'. The small is best for women's size 6 1/2 and below.
By Webfoot J.
Medina, OH
After 25+ years of use these are still the best for me!
April 4, 2020
Mea Culpa; When I purchased my all purpose traction aids (Due North) from the Warming Store, I did not register, so probably no verified purchase will show. But the WS keeps sending me eMail ads. My FIRST Sure Foot (Due North) traction aids it was on late night shopping trip to the flagship store of LLB in Freeport Maine. They cost about $9, and the large size fit over my size 9 LLB Maine Guide (rubber bottomed) leather boots. I used those every year except '97 when recovering from bypass surgery. I used the snow blower on our difficult steep driveway in NH virtually every storm, sometimes several times. I Never slipped, and they never came off. Several years after retiring I stopped using the shovel & blower. First Norm, then Warren took good care of the driveway. I still used the Sure Foot cleats for getting around, out to the store(s) and daily trip to the PO. After 'bout 10 years I replaced a couple of the carbide individual spikes. I had the original two replacements that came with the produce. Just bought another set of 6 for about $3. I still have those original Sure Foot cleats and will use them again next year, after they went missing for 3 years after our move to here in OH. No rips, tears, and all the spike holes still hold the replacement spikes tightly in place.. The originals were made in the USA, the two sets of all purpose that I bought in the last 4 years are from China. The rubber compound feels the same, and they have performed as well. Down here we have a lot less snow, but still have ice covering the sidewalks and drives. This 74 y/o does not want a FX Hip.
  • Shop carefully and get a reasonable price! They are durable. Buy an extra set of 6 spikes. They grip on your shoe/boot/sneaker as long as you get the correct size. Mine have never stretched out of shape nor size. Though they will stretch a bit to fit a 'slightly larger' shoe.
  • Over the years I have purchased several sets as gifts for relatives and good friends.
  • The new All Purpose Due North traction aids are sized differently from the old Sure Foot aids. My old Large size SFs fit well over my LLB size 9 boots. The new Large Due Norths are a bit loose on the same boot. The new Medium Due Norths fit well on those boots. If using a boot or sneaker with a lugged sole you may well NEED a larger size traction aid.
  • What more could you ask for, you will have: Durability, economical, sure footed, and good fit. Just wash them at the end of the season, dry and store in a zip style plastic bag.
  • Sizing is difficult. Be careful. In some cases you might want two different sizes for varied footwear.
  • Do Not wear into the house. These will leave holes in finished floors. Holes in hardwood and vinyl, floors and chips or scratches.
By bill
ice tration aids
January 26, 2018
this is my second pair they great.
By Anita
Great, Great, second pair
January 19, 2018
I had my first pair for 5yrs, after landing flat on my back stepping out of the car on to a sheet of black ice. I never even think about falling with these, their great, and at 60 I don't want to fall like that ever.
By Teri
Aloha, Oregon
Due North All Purpose Ice Traction Aids
November 29, 2017
Have not used the ice aid yet but they seem well made.
  • Well made and sturdy
  • Very tight to put on. I am older and that that may be the reason but I hope they loosen up a little once I start using them.
By Sharon
Confidence in winter conditions
April 2, 2017
I run in the winter , these are my second pair.i never feel unsure of my footing with these!! Highly recommend , they will not throw off your gait like some others .
  • Sure footing on ice
By Vicki
Waukegan, IL
Staying Verticle
February 14, 2017
This is the second time that I have purchased these ice spikes. The first time that I purchased them, I bought 3 pair (myself, husband, daughter) and they worked great! They're easy to put on and they grip the ice when your walking and they prevent you from slipping and falling. They make you feel secure when your walking on ice. My girlfriend has osteoporosis and takes the train to work and whenever we have ice storms her fear of falling is intensified because the train stations are never shoveled well or salted. I had loaned my ice spikes to her and she liked them so much, she kept "forgetting" to give them back. She actually ordered a different brand for herself, didn't like them and continued to use mine. When I asked her for mine back, she gave them to me and then made mention that she had some, didn't like them, and I asked me if I wanted to switch. Hence, I just told her to keep mine and that I would order another pair. Upon the receiving the "new" pair, I gave them to her and got my old ones back. lol Who would give someone a "used" gift?
  • Easy to put on your shoes and take off.
  • They grip the ice.
  • "Spikes" are easy to replace"
  • Can be difficult to put over boots, however, they now have a larger size made specifically for boots.
By Daisy
Cedar Rapids
Must haves for winter
January 5, 2017
Have had several different brands of these type cleats. This is the best by far in staying on your shoes or boots because they come up over the toe & heel. I'm probably on my 3rd pair. I usually get about one & a half winters out of a pair. I don't always remove them & they wear out from walking on pavement.
  • Good grip.

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