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By Bob
Ellijay, Georgia
Heated socks
December 21, 2022
Work well for riding motorcycles. Thanks
By Dave
Pacific NW
Work fairly well for 3.7v battery units
February 7, 2022
Socks worked well enough to just take the edge off of 35-40 deg weather on a motorcycle. Battery powered units are usually not enough with the wind, but this did OK for what I wanted it to. Battery did last most of the day even on high. Free standard shipping took 16 days.
  • Remote control, not too bulky.
  • Batteries take a long time (8+ hrs) to fully charge when depleted.
By Aurelia
January 30, 2022
These are great! I usually try to only stick with Gerbing but tried these and they work very well.
  • warm
  • remote doesn't always work
By Kent
Cape Cod, MA
Mobile Warming Heated Socks With Lithium Battery
January 13, 2022
Thick, soft and warm!
By Ron
A Nice Product for Cold Weather
January 8, 2022
i was satisfied with the warming socks , keeps my geet warm while working in my garage and snowblowing, appears to be good quality too
By Linda b.
Hamilton, texas
Tight toes
November 20, 2021
Please give more room in the toes
Keeps your feet warm
February 7, 2021
Keeps my toes warm all day on low.
By Anonymous
Eau Claire, WI
Warm socks
December 27, 2020
Have worked really well so far. The battery life is great.
By Nancy D.
Portsmouth NH
great socks
December 24, 2020
I really like these socks - I wish they were a little warmer on high hoping they wash okay in the laundry
By Troy
Middle Georgia
So far, works as advertised
December 18, 2020
I bought 3 pair. One for me, the wife, and my MIL. My MIL is the only one who has used them. She has Renault’s and gets cold feet very easily. She also work at Chik Fil A taking orders to cars that are outside. She says even on the low setting that they keep her feet warm and toasty.
By Mike
uncomfortable wiring
December 10, 2020
I am still trying to find a way to get the wire moved from where it runs under the front and along the side of my foot. It is uncomfortable to just stand on carpet, much less in a boot. If successful doing that, then I will try the heating feature. Until then, I can't recommend these socks.
By Wazjets
Vernon, NJ
Socks Keep Feet Warm on Motorcycle
December 25, 2019
These socks have kept my feet warm on 1 hour commuter motorcycle rides to and from work on one charge per day. I use the heat (batteries) when it's below 35 and down to a low of 15 so far. The socks are warm even without the heat on. (Note - I do wear goretex insulated boots as well.) There is a push button to set desired heat level on the batteries (3 levels). They do not get TOO hot but do keep the feet warm. The socks also come with a remote control which works but it's tough to tell if it works through the pants (turned off?) once your feet are warm because the socks are under the pants and my feet stay warm.
  • Keep Feet Warm for a long time
  • Reasonable price compared to other heated socks
  • multiple heat settings
  • remote control
  • Tough to tell if remote is working (Turning off) once socks are on.
By Nick
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
December 18, 2019
These socks are amazing! I had them on the low setting for hours. It kept my feet nice and warm.
  • Warm, last long
By Bob
Warm socks
December 5, 2019
These socks work great only keep them on lowest setting and they keep my feet nice and warm
By Cliff
Mobile warming heated socks
November 25, 2019
These socks are a game changer for late season bow hunting.
By Bob
New Jersey
Just want in wanted
November 1, 2019
They keep your feet warm. Just what I wanted.
By Terry
Fargo, ND
awesome baby!
October 11, 2019
bought these last year but didn't have the opportunity to use them till last week. i was on a week long fall fishing trip and it rained and was windy/chilly everyday. But the socks were amazing. Keep them on low and had total comfort all day. Nice to buy something nowadays that actually works - and these socks do.
By Ed
Mt. Laurel , NJ
Football Game Socks
June 13, 2019
Great heated socks for cold weather sporting events
  • Keep feet warm entire game
By Cassandra L.
Salem, Oregon
So easy to use
May 28, 2019
These socks are cheap for their capability. The remote makes it super easy to use.
By tad603
The Best!
February 3, 2019
Couldn't be happier. Long lasting warmth and comfort. The only thing I would change: The general one size fitting - (S/M) instead of specific sizing. The socks are a little too big for me and can be difficult to fit into my shoes easily.
By Kim
Pretty good!
January 27, 2019
I purchased these rechargeable heated socks for a winter trip to Yellowstone National Park. My hands and feet stay colder than the average person's so I knew I needed some heat on my toes for the freezing temps in the park. I used these socks for three days in a row and I made sure to charge them all night prior to use/reuse. On average I would say the charge in each battery held for a maximum of six to seven hours per day. I toggled between setting one and two because I wanted the charge to last for as long as I was outside in the elements. I figured if I kept it on high (setting three), the batteries would not last long at all. I was correct. I turned them on at around 7;30 each morning after already having them on my feet obviously. It was single digits most mornings. We returned after 3pm each day and my batteries were already dead by then, but my feet were not totally freezing. I always started on setting one (low) and wondered if they were even working on the first day. It is difficult to determine if they are putting out heat or not. I checked them to see if they were heating at all by taking my boot off and feeling the sock. It appeared to be warm and a friend agreed with me after feeling the sock as well. So I knew they were working, so I booted back up and went the remainder of the day with toes that were warm. When I knew I would be walking thru the snow, I bumped it up to the second setting for a bit, but not too long. I could feel the difference by pressing my toes to the floor. That's how I knew they were heating up more. I did this for three days and had no real complaints. My peers on the trip did not fair the same. They used toe warmers (those portable warmers that stick to the underside/outside of your socks). They were changing these throughout the day because they just would not last as long. They also took off their shoes to apply direct heat to their socked feet. I never had to do this. I wore sock liners under these socks. One day, after walking in snow, my socks were a bit wet when I took them off in the afternoon. I might blame my snow boots for this, but honestly I am not sure how the socks got wet (sweat or leakage thru boot). My socks were damp each day upon taking them off, but my liners and feet were dry, too. I went snowshoeing another day and the socks were not wet that day, so who knows. It only happened once. I just dried them with a hairdryer and then recharged them. I wore them three total days without washing and they never smelled. I would not recommend washing them in a washing machine. I may hand wash mine later, but as for now, I do not intend to use them again. I live in Georgia where it never gets cold enough to warrant using them.
By Jessica
Rhode Island
Kept me comfortable
November 30, 2018
I have only worn them once and a 30 degree day and they kept my feet toasty. I’m a mail carrier and it’s important I’m comfortable while I’m delivering my mail and again I’ve only worn them once but I was comfortable. I’m ordering another pair so I can have them on rotation during wash days
By Joyce
Great Product!
April 4, 2018
I LOVE THESE SOCKS!! so much that I bought a pair for my husband. Super excited to give them to him for our big ski/hiking week in Vermont-they came in time-I wrapped them up and gave them to him for his birthday a week prior to our vacation. Do order these fantastic warm socks!
  • Customer Service
By Terry
Mobile Warming Heated socks
January 12, 2018
So far seems to be OK, just had them 1 wk.

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